Airdrie Academy Reunion 2004
Last updated: 19th September 2004
It dawned on me one day early in 2004 that it was 30 years ago this year that the class of 1968-1974 left Airdrie Academy (See! I told you that a degree in Maths would come in handy sometime!), and scattered to the four corners of the earth. Since 30 was a nice round number, this stuck in my mind and I thought we should have a reunion. So, after much phoning, emailing and word of mouth, we arranged to meet in the GlassHaus in Airdrie on 18th September 2004.
Our year was a special year. Not only were we particularly nice people (and if you don't believe me, ask my Mum!) but ours was the first year of comprehensive education intake at Airdrie Academy. (Previously the Academy had only opened its doors to the cream of Airdrie's pupils. You could say that this year it had its first taste of semi-skimmed.)
Anyway, between 25 and 30 of us gathered in the Glasshaus at 7:30pm and had a whale of a time. We were still there at 1:00am when management implored us to drink up. And believe it or not most of us were sober, finding it much more fun to blether and reminisce than get maudlin and sup up.
Many thanks to those who came, especially those who travelled far to get there. If there was a special prize for effort then it would go to Robert (Bobby) Johnston who flew in from Cape Town. It was also his birthday that night so double celebrations. And believe it or not, the 18th of September was the exact same date when Bobby celebrated his birthday all those years ago. Spooky or what?
So, what was school life and the Academy like between 1968 and 1974? Well, we had no computers, no calculators and no mobile phones. There was no science block or tech block initially and no house block. The garden area between the assembly hall and the main building had a fish pond which had brown trout in it. Boys entered the school via the boys' playground and cloakroom; girls on the opposite side.
The two little rooms either side of the stage in the assembly hall were the 6th common rooms. The rooms used by the 6th year now was then the library. What is now the main gym was "the quadrangle" and was open to the elements and had a tarmac surface.
If you can think of any more differences between school life then and now, why not email me at
If you want a larger copy of any of the photos (I've reduced them here to save on download time) email me at the above address.
Finally, thanks again to everyone for making it a special night. Special thanks to Margaret Weir for helping me get in touch with people. And from this page forward it's maiden names only...
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